3D Holograms from Your Printer

3D Holograms from Your Printer

Researchers have generated a new kind of 3D hologram, that can be printed on an inkjet printer.

According to dailymail.com, a research team, called Lumii, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say its new technology can break down the scanned 3D models and compute a set of unique patterns. These several separated layers of patterns can be printed on transparent sheets with a standard inkjet printer. The 3D effect can be viewed by placing a clear sheet between the layers.

However, they say the new technology’s success is limited to the availability of backlight, which is essential to see the full effect. But Lumii is confident it will become quite popular, particularly with advertisers looking for new ways to catch the attention of consumers. The team expects to see its technology used in many locations including airports and subways.

“It provides a new way of engaging customers in a retail situation,” Lumii co-founder Tom Baran asserted. “When you take a look at all the flat displays in the world, there’s a lot of opportunity to replace them with the technology we have.”

The team plans to sell the algorithm to consumer electronic manufacturers to show the same 3D effect by integrating it into the layers of LCD panels.

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