1,000 Containers Shipped

Print-Rite claims one of its clients in the US has just placed its 1,000th container order. The US-based company has been working with Print-Rite for 30 years.

According to Print-Rite, the US-based Nectron International Inc. is a leading distributor of high quality Aftermarket imaging supplies in the US market. Naturally, Nectron is considered to be one of Print-Rite’s most valued customers over the last 30 years.

Print-Rite believes “this achievement of the 1,000th container order validates the strong business relationship between the two companies and comes as a huge boost for Print-Rite as they enter the eve of their 35th anniversary.”

Arnald Ho, Chairman of Print-Rite Holdings, noted Nectron has been Print-Rite’s strategic partner over many years and congratulated Mr. Mark Kardoush, President of Nectron and his team on this achievement.

Kieran Ho, General Manager of UTec, said, “It has always been a win-win relationship working with Nectron with healthy profits made by both parties. Print-Rite remains committed to serving them even better to reach the goal of the 2,000th container.”

For more information, please visit www.union-tec.com

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