Stick With Remanufacturing

Printer cartridge remanufacturers in Romania have been urged to stay with the remanufacturing and refilling business.

Component supplies business Toko, pulled 60 remanufacturers together in the Romanian city of Timisoara. Many from western Romania attended what is being described as a “dynamic and interactive” seminar including live refilling demonstrations.

“Almost every week some of our customers were giving up the refiling business in favor of reselling compatibles,” Toko’s CEO Victor Matache told RT Media. “I had three technical, two sales and two marketing members of my team join me to share important information and provide support to these business men and women.”

According to Matache sales of components for use in remanufacturing had been declining through to 2016. “This has started to change in the last four months,” Matache advised.

Toko received support from Apex Microelectronics and IMEX. Based upon the success of this seminar and practical workshop Matache is considering running similar events in other Romanian cities on dates yet to be announced.

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