Ricoh Welcomes New Country Manager

Ricoh Australia has hired new country manager, Simon Lane for the production printing systems business in Australia with the role entailing the company’s entire production portfolio.

David Phillips, general manager for sales at Ricoh Australia’s says Lane will be accountable for sales results and ensuring the business has sustainability over the long term.

Lane says, “In the past two years, most of my work with clients has been to help them develop compelling value propositions, so they can differentiate themselves in competitive markets. This work has left me in no doubt that print providers have a valuable role to play in the modern marketing mix.

“Smart marketing managers are rediscovering that tactics such as direct mail get genuine cut-through and achieve results. The new technologies being released by Ricoh only reinforce that power, and I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with our client base and helping show them how to compete and win in the changing world of marketing communications.”

Andy Berry managing director at Ricoh Australia says Lane will be an asset to the business, with his wealth of experience and skills being invaluable. 

Prior to this, Lane led PMP Limited’s book printing start-up, dbooks. He then worked with Fuji Xerox for 12 years in a number of senior sales and marketing roles. In 2015 he launched a sales and marketing business, working with clients in various industries.

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