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On September 5, 2019, Canon announced its victory in the case against EDELTEC, a Brazil based company sued by Canon for infringing on Canon’s Brazilian Patents No. PI 0720506-6 and No. PI 0807733-9. The asserted patents related to Canon’s dongle gear products CE505, CF280, CE255, CF226, CF287, CE310 and CF350. Three years of litigation ended in EDELTEC’s agreement to stop selling infringing products and pay damages for past infringement to Canon.

Canon infringing products litigation

Canon,patent infringing


This is once again a serious warning for South America market. It is well known that the OEM has filed a series of lawsuits globally to defend its dongle gear patent family. South America is no exception.

For years, Ninestar has always been the pioneer in developing patented solutions for Canon’s dongle gear products.

  • In 2014, Canon asked ITC to initiate 918 investigation. Ninestar cartridges found to be not infringing are characterized by the pistol style gears (known as “lever” and “button”, per different generations). The industry may very well recollect that this design-around solution was the only one to be admitted not infringing in the ITC as well as the first redesign commercialized and available for the market.
  • On February 28, 2018, Canon Inc., Canon U.S.A., and Canon Virginia, Inc. (collectively, “Canon”) initiated the ITC investigation by filing a complaint, alleging that certain toner cartridges and components made and/sold by Ninestar, Static, Print-Rite, Aster and numerous other respondents infringe 9 of Canon’s U.S. patents. On February 28, 2019, the ITC confirmed that Ninestar does not infringe Canon’s patents. (For more detailed about this case, please go to ITC Initial Determination: Ninestar Does Not Infringe Canon’s Patents)

To survive in this industry, everyone must respect third parties’ intellectual property and owning innovative technologies. With the consistent investment in IP and R&D, Ninestar devotes itself to providing customers with comprehensive, patented solutions for Canon’s dongle gear patent family. In the long run, the OEM’s patent protection will get more and more intense. Only Ninestar’s patented solutions for Canon dongle gear products will be your smart choice!

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