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Americas Imaging Summit & Expo Returns in 2017

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Having tripled its trade show area to 2,500m2, RT Media is expecting 90+ exhibitors and 1,500+ visitors at its next expo and summit in Cancun, Mexico in 2017.

On the back of the well-supported show in June 2016, organisers Recycling Times Media Corporation (better known as RT Media) have signed venue contracts for theRT Imaging Summit & Expo Americas return to Cancun on June 22 and 23 in 2017.

Prospering in the LATAM print consumables industry

According to Credit Suisse, revenue from printer sales in Latin America rose from US$4.056 billion US$5.496 billion between 2007 and 2015. The industry continues to grow at a moderate speed.

In order to reach this flourishing market, as well as the number one global market in the USA just to the north, RT Media held its first Imaging Summit & Expo in 2014 and 2015 in Las Vegas. In 2016, the event moved to Cancun and saw 1,112 visitors and 75 exhibitors—mainly from north and South America, although some came from Europe, India, Africa and Asia. Participants were seen to be shaking on business deals right up until the 6pm closing time each day.

More high-quality exhibitors in 2017

In 2017, RT Media is investing more resources into recruiting high-quality exhibitors and promoting the show to visitors throughout the Americas. Well known industry identities Tricia Judge (the executive director of the International Imaging Technology Council (I-ITC)) and Ivan Rosales are assisting with the task. RT Media’s international team have developed strategic plans to bring more exhibitors from outside of the Americas to showcase a wider range of cost efficient, non-infringing products and solutions for visitors.

With 8 months to go before the show more than half of the exhibit area has been booked.

Comprehensive information service

In order to study the exhibitor lists and the show schedule in readiness for the planning of business trips, visitors and exhibitors are now able to access the latest information easily from the four-language editions of the monthly RecyclingTimes magazine, inTouch TV News, its three-language website and social media channels as well as over 10 major industry medias including OPI, Locator and Image Source magazines.

Best location for business and relaxation

By fixing the event location in Cancun, Mexico, the strategic gateway to North America and Latin America, as well as the most popular tourism destination in America, RT Media is confident that RTISE-Americas 2017 will satisfy both the business and entertainment demands of all participants.

“This venue provided an amazing opportunity to gather industry experts and visitors from the Americas, as well as exhibitors from around the globe. I met folks with new technologies, and visitors thirsty to grow their businesses based on our experiences,” Judge said. She said she was genuinely amazed at the event when visiting there in 2016.

“Latin America has broad prospects for development, and RTISE-Americas will play an important role as an international trading platform to provide more market, investment and cooperation opportunities between the Americas and other parts of the world“ said David Gibbons, Director of RT Media.

For more information of RTISE—Americas 2017, please visit www.RTMworld.com.

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