Warmth Patented Toner Cartridges Achieved New Development

Warmth Patented Toner Cartridges Achieved New Development

Warmth Patented Toner Cartridges Achieved New DevelopmentAccording to Warmth, its patented toner cartridges in replacement of Xerox C8000/C9000 has been well received by the European and American markets.

Warmth claims that its patented toner cartridges come up with a unique patent appearance, which avoids the risk of infringing. In addition, it also features strong compatibility, excellent print quality, and no damage to the machine. “These are the reasons why the patented toner cartridge was recognized by customers and counterparts,” said the spokesman of Warmth.

“We use imported toner powder. After all-around R&D and testing, toner consumption and color density of the patented toner cartridge achieved amazing results. The printing quality is completely comparable to OEM products,” said the spokesman.

It is said that shipments and return orders for the patented toner cartridge have been rising steadily month by month since 2021.

Samples are available upon inquiry.

Previously, the company cooperated with a reliable foreign toner manufacturer and successfully developed a unique powder in order to solve color problems complained by aftermarket distributors of Toshiba toners.

Aftermarket distributors of Toshiba toners have complained that they continue to have fusing and density problems making it difficult for them to supply quality compatible cartridge solutions to end-users.

Warmth tested all the major compatible brands of toner powders. They found that what distributors were complaining about happened to be true. “All of them had a similar problem when applied to the high-speed printers,” the company spokesman explained to RT Media.

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