Top Honor and Position for Ninestar President in China

Top Honor and Position for Ninestar President in China

Top Honor and Position for Ninestar President in China

Top Honor and Position for Ninestar President in ChinaWei Yan (pictured) was appointed president of ZEAFEC, an important association which bridges enterprise and government in China.

Yan is the President of the Ninestar Corporation which oversees companies in the group including Ninestar Image, Apex Microelectronics, Pantum, Static Control and Lexmark. Jackson Wang is the founding chairman of the group.

Yan’s election and appointment to the Zhuhai Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation (ZEAFEC) at the Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel in December, is considered a top role recognised by government and enterprise alike in achieving economic goals for the region. He becomes the third president of the association and was awarded the credential by the deputy director of the Commercial Bureau of Zhuhai.

Top Honor and Position for Ninestar President in China

Founded in 2012, ZEAFEC has organized over 100 exhibitions and economic and trade events at home and abroad. It continues to serve as a bridge between government and enterprises. It has also established close contacts with a number of official agencies and industry associations around the world. In addition, ZEAFEC provides professional guidance for enterprises in Zhuhai wanting to develop overseas investments, international economic and trade exchanges and exhibitions, and foreign labor cooperation. Favourable results have already been achieved in the past eight years. 

“I would like to thank ZEAFEC for honoring me with this appointment. I will work with the new board of directors to continue improving better services for all of its members,” said Yan at the Zhuhai meetings. “I see it as a priority to make the association a highly influential industry organization trusted by government and enterprises alike.”

The Ninestar group was founded twenty years ago and moved quickly to become the first imaging equipment and supplies company in the world to be truly OEM and truly aftermarket at the same time. It has become an industry leader thanks to its commitment to innovation. Since 2000, Ninestar has invested extensively in abilities to quickly bring to market the industry’s technologically advanced products. Today, Ninestar’s G&G-branded products are recognized around the world for their performance and reliability.



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