Resellers Calmed: Print-Rite Cartridges Safe with Amazon

Resellers Calmed: Print-Rite Cartridges Safe with Amazon

Resellers Calmed: Print-Rite Cartridges Safe with Amazon

Resellers Calmed: Print-Rite Cartridges Safe with AmazonAn incredible 2,762 allegedly infringing cartridge products have been removed from Amazon in Europe since 2018, but one aftermarket brand from China claims it has not been impacted.

Canon and other printer OEMs continue to have Amazon “takedown” products that infringe its intellectual property (IP) rights in many regions around the world.

Resellers of products have become very fearful that the products they are selling, particularly if they are sourced from China, might be the next to experience a “takedown”.

Resellers Calmed: Print-Rite Cartridges Safe with AmazonPrint-Rite Europe’s General Manager for Sales and Marketing, Jason Doran (pictured) was quick to let customers and potential customers know that Print-Rite Pelikan (PRP) compatible cartridges are IP-safe. “Resellers are tired of being fearful that they might be the next takedown from Amazon due to IP complaints from Canon,” he said. “PRP products are world leaders in making IP safe compatible cartridges and have been so since 1984.”

Commenting on the latest bout of takedowns, Doran said, “OEM patent infringements have become increasingly serious and costly for the resellers involved. Major brands and the owners of their patents are now routinely serving ‘cease and desist’ orders on distributors and resellers in Europe who are selling products that infringe their patents.

“Our customers have always enjoyed complete peace of mind when it comes to the patent safety of our products and this commitment will remain at the heart of our offering going forward.”

Doran explained Print-Rite employs 15 in-house patent lawyers and over 200 patent design engineers. “We want to ensure our products do not infringe OEM patents and that our customers stay out of the OEM crosshairs,” he said. “Our resellers are never taken down.”

For further information, email Jason Doran. or email to find out how to become a Print-Rite Europe/PRPS reseller.



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