Post for RemaxWorld Expo to win free booth

RemaxWorld Expo Provides Free Booths for Exhibitors

RemaxWorld Expo Provides Free Booths for Exhibitors

July 17, 2024

Following the free accommodation campaign for visitors, the organiser of RemaxWorld Expo, Comexposium Recycling Times, is offering exhibitors an exciting campaign to win free booths.

This initiative, running through August 29, 2024, aims to amplify the Expo’s visibility and foster greater engagement within the industry. More importantly, the winners can have a free booth or space at the expo in 2025—worth thousands!

Post for RemaxWorld Expo to win free booth

Ways to Participate:

Create and Post your own RemaxWorld Expo 2024 poster:

  1. Create a RemaxWorld Expo 2024 poster promoting your business (Please get in touch with your client manager for the poster template).
  2. Post it on Western social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) with the following details:
    • Event: RemaxWorld Expo 2024
    • Dates: October 17-19
    • Venue: Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center
  3. Tag our official accounts:
    • LinkedIn: @RTMWorId
    • Facebook: @recyclingtimes
    • YouTube: @Recycling Times Media
    • TikTok: @RT_RemaxWorld
    • Instagram: @remaxworld9zhuhai
  4. Use the hashtags: #RemaxWorldExpo****Booth (Replace **** with your booth number)

Share our Posts:

  • From our official social media accounts listed above;
  • Using the hashtag: #RemaxWorldExpo****Booth (Replace **** with your booth number)

Post other content:

  • Share any related content on the platforms mentioned above;
  • Include the event details, tag our official accounts, and use the hashtag.

Rules for Participation:

  1. Content Requirements
    1. Ensure all posts include the correct content and hashtags
    2. Posts must not be grouped or blocked
    3. Posts shared by internal employees, distributors, or partners will count as one instance each.
    4. Prizes*are calculated and evaluated according to the total number of Chinese** and English posts and shared posts under the required hashtags.
      • The exhibitor with the most posts will receive a free 9 square meter booth for RemaxWorld Expo 2025.
      • The exhibitor with the second highest number of posts will receive a free 6 square meter booth.
      • The exhibitor with the third highest number of posts will receive a free 3 square meter booth.

*Prizes are valid only for RemaxWorld Expo 2025 and can be used as a discount but cannot be transferred or used for other purposes.

**Please contact your client manager or check the official WeChat public account for Chinese participation.

2. Exhibitors participating in this event should send the numbers of their posts and screenshots of corresponding content to the client manager or the official email address: before 24:00, September 8 (Beijing Time).

3. In case of a tie, the exhibitor who submits their data and proof earlier will have priority in winning.

4. Verification: Social media accounts in the screenshots will be randomly selected and checked during the verification process. If discrepancies are found between the submitted number and posts, or if there is suspicion of significant falsification, and specific data and proof are not provided within the required time, it will be considered as forfeiting the eligibility for awards.

5. Eligibility: This event is open only to exhibitors of RemaxWorld 2024. If you are not an exhibitor this year but wish to participate, please contact the official email address for more information.

6. Final Interpretation Rights: The final interpretation rights belong to Comexposium Recycling Times Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

For more information, please get in touch with your client manager or the official email address:



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