Problem Solver Hired at Static Control

Problem Solver Hired at Static Control

Problem Solver Hired at Static Control

Problem Solver Hired at Static ControlNorth Carolina based Static Control, now part of the Ninestar group has hired an external professional to establish plans, systems and training to develop the organization’s global competency and culture.

Zhuodan “Sunny” Jin (pictured) is the company’s new Vice President of Human Resources responsible for creating innovative ways to integrate global HR services.

Jin’s professional experience has focused on establishing and upgrading full-spectrum HR modules at multinational companies while navigating through cultural differences, mindsets and business challenges. She will lead the global HR team to solve problems, create efficient processes, improve HR services and ensure effective technologies are implemented across the entire Static Control organization.

Jin earned an MBA from the University of Houston and holds a Professional Human Resources and Global Professional Human Resources certification. Before Static Control, she has worked in positions at Simcere Innovation and Inventec.

“Static Control is a great organization with a unique culture and history,” said Jin. “The people I have met are hard-working and passionate about what they do. The industry outlook and future challenges will create opportunities leading to technical breakthroughs and innovations. I am thrilled to be part of the team to help create great employee experiences while also embracing changes made through my knowledge as an HR leader.”

CEO Ken Lalley is excited Jin has joined the team. “Sunny is an experienced leader who understands the HR needs of a global company. I know our employees will greatly benefit from having someone with her background and education in this position. We are delighted.”

Jin exclusively told RT Media, “Static Control has improved many processes in recent years throughout many departments, but at the time, Human Resources continued with only minor changes. One of my first responsibilities was to review our current system and establish industry best practices throughout the company. Being a global institution, our HR was segmented to different regions of the world and in this position, I can help unite the team worldwide.

“Many of our HR documents and processes still had quite the signature and paper trail. As we move to more efficient processes, we’ve digitized many of these forms, along with created an automated approval process for managers. This has been a time-saver, but also especially helpful during the pandemic when many employees are working from home and not able to move from department to department to get signatures. A physical workplace helps to connect people but is not the key that keeps people together. Creating easy access to information for employees is critical at this stage. This requires management to be more proactive in connecting the team and consider upgrading certain communication tools and systems.

“I look at the pandemic not only as a challenge to the workforce but also as a potential opportunity to discover the gaps in our existing HR services and make improvements with upgraded technology and processes. I believe the review and changes we are going through will, in the long run, get us better prepared for future workplace trends and challenges.”

For 30 years, Static Control has developed and manufactured the toner, microchips and components that go inside of printer cartridges from its world headquarters in Sanford, North Carolina, USA. Building upon its reputation as the technology and quality leader of aftermarket imaging systems, Static Control brings new levels of stability to the industry through its finished cartridge offerings. Visit



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