Printer Shipments in China Reach Record High rtmworld

Printer Shipments in China Reach Record High

Printer Shipments in China Reach Record High rtmworld

Printer Shipments in China Reach Record High rtmworldChina printing peripheral market registered a 19.1% growth with 5.438 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2020 (Q2 2020), according to IDC’s “China Printing Peripheral Market Quarterly Tracking Report“.

In particular, inkjet printer shipments were 1.87 million units, up 42.5%, while laser printer shipment reached 2.96 million units, increasing 19.9%. Meantime, dot matrix printer shipment dropped 22.4% to 0.6 million units.

In Q2, inkjet products shipment in consumer market turned out to be 1.28 million units, thanks to the ever-increasing customer demands in China market. IDC’s latest research shows that ink cartridge products account for more than 40% in the overall consumer market. As manufacturers continue to improve the awareness of ink tank products among consumer users, coupled with its advantage of lower printing costs, ink tanks have great growth potential in the consumer market. IDC predicts that in the second half of 2020, the epidemic situation in some areas may be repeated. There will be some home users preparing for home office or online learning, so there is still a need to buy printers. In the second half of the year, consumer market shipments can still maintain positive year-on-year growth.

Due to regional differences, commercial demand recovery degree various in the laser market. The procurement of commercial printing equipment in the eastern and southern coastal regions has recovered faster, while the northern and western regions, affected by repeated local epidemics, have recovered slowly.

In addition to regional differences, shipment channels have also been adjusted. Manufacturers and channel vendors are paying more attention to online live broadcasts, short video e-commerce, corporate procurement e-commerce and other diversified customer acquisition methods. Copier manufacturers are also trying to expand the proportion of online shipments.

In the second half of the year, there are still two major uncertainties in the commercial market. One is the speed of recovery of the economic environment, and the other is the degree of progress of new digital transformations such as online services and collaborative office. The acceleration of digital transformation will inevitably lead to a decrease in print volume. Because the digital transformation of enterprises will promote the paperless process, traditional printing requirements such as online approval of all processes and online cross-regional meetings may be affected, which will result in print volume in the commercial market. The reduction.

With the acceleration of the process of upgrading the public service platform of value-added tax electronic invoices by taxation departments in various regions, the application scenarios of printing invoices with needle printing equipment will shrink sharply. IDC expects annual shipments to decline by approximately 28.9% year-on-year.



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