Print-Rite Restarts its Dongle Drum Gear Promotion rtmworld

Print-Rite Restarts its Dongle Drum Gear Promotion

Print-Rite Restarts its Dongle Drum Gear Promotion

Print-Rite Restarts its Dongle Drum Gear Promotion rtmworldChina-based Print-Rite has kick-started again the promotion of its workaround solution for the dongle-gear on the OPC drum used in Canon and HP printer cartridges.

Called the PR2, the company asks, “Worried about Amazon Takedowns? Choose Print-Rite IP Safe Products.” It comes in response to the thousands of allegedly patent-infringing products Canon has had taken down from Amazon sites across the world. In just the first half of 2020, Canon alleges it had a total of 3,092 removals from ten countries.

Having analysed many of the products being taken down from sale on Amazon, Print-Rite has concluded that the use of its patented PR2 solution, that it developed back in 2014, could avoid the problem.

Canon has successfully requested Amazon to remove thousands of cartridges from sale that infringe it’s IP

In 2015, Print-Rite was able to prove to US Customs that its design did not infringe Canon’s patents.

When Canon filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission in 2018, Print-Rite stopped promoting the PR2 gear solution.

However, The USITC determined in May 2019, that Print-Rite, among others, “did not infringe Canon’s patents and there was no violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930.” Canon appealed, believing that the final determination was based on an overly narrow and legally erroneous construction of Canon’s patents.” The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously decided on April 20 against Canon in its case of infringement against several aftermarket players, including Print-Rite.

With all the legal drama behind them, Print-Rite has gone public again in August 2020 with its “IP-safe” PR2 dongle gear solution for use on OPC drums in certain HP and Canon laser printer cartridges.

Having over 39 years of manufacturing and selling experience has given Print-Rite an extensive array of SKUs with more than 10,000 product supplies for inkjet, laser and ribbon printers and copiers. The company had researched and developed its own portfolio of more than 2,900 registered patents.



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