Office Solutions Helps Plant 1500 Trees In November

Office Solutions Helps Plant 1500 Trees In November

Office Solutions Helps Plant 1500 Trees In November

Office Solutions Helps Plant 1500 Trees In NovemberAs part of its own environmental strategy, MY Total Office Solutions has helped a mental health charity plant 1,500 trees on a 26-acre farm in Northwestern England.

Rossendale Way is north of Manchester and in the region where My Total Office Solutions services its customers with office supplies, stationery, workplace solutions and office furniture. According to Director, Darren Turner, for every signed up every office technology solution, he and his staff will plant a tree for that person or organisation, providing each with a certificate showing where it was planted.

“We’re thrilled to help Shiva Trust with their objectives, and also still meet our own climate change and de-forestation objectives,” he said. “It is a mammoth task to plant 1,500 trees but it is the biggest & cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they absorb & store the carbon dioxide emissions driving global heating.”

The Shiva Trust operates a sanctuary for rescued animals and offers support to people struggling with their mind, through their mental health and well-being courses. As a result of the pandemic, Shiva Trust has been forced to overhaul its services to adapt financially. Fighting to reverse climate change has become an important means to find much-needed income through sponsorship.

Shiva Trust land stretches over part of the Rossendale Way, which is a 45-mile circuit walk and takes you through old paths and trails onto wild moorland. There is much beauty in the landscape and a wealth of fascinating archaeological, social, and industrial history to be explored.

Charity manager, Anand Ennis Cole said: “We’ve been itching to get started. Planting trees is so therapeutic and calming, which is a perfect activity for anyone struggling with mental health-related illnesses.”



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