Ninestar to Acquire Large International Internet Ink Company

Ninestar to Acquire Large International Internet Ink Company

Ninestar to Acquire Large International Internet Ink Company

Ninestar to Acquire Large International Internet Ink CompanyReliable sources have told RT ImagingWorld (RT) that Ninestar has “reached a framework agreement” to include E-Jet Technologies Co., Ltd as one of its subsidiaries.

China-based Ninestar continues to increase its global influence and grow stronger with its inkjet ink solutions for international buyers and end-users. One source commented to RT, “This will help Ninestar to further expand its sales channels and increase the collaboration of production, supply and sales within Ninestar consumables model.”

Ninestar to Acquire Large International Internet Ink Company

Some of the staff at the Zhuhai-based E-Jet Technology Company

E-Jet is a multinational group based in Zhuhai and it established a large R&D, production, logistics and e-commerce centre in Brooklyn, New York in 2007 called E-Z Ink. The 1,000 m2 ink cartridge remanufacturing factory has 150 staff, while a 20,000 m2 logistic company is based close by in New Jersey.

In just 10 years, the American-based E-Z Ink operation has become one of the top three enterprises in the US market as distributors of ink and toner cartridges. “Our ink ventures began in a small New York City basement in 2007. For years since then, we have grown considerably and now consistently offer great services and affordable products. We have expanded our inventory to include over 70 different models for laser and inkjet printers, helping millions of people in the US & Canada by providing the best economical and environmental resources available. For many of our customers around the country, we remain a trusted top of the line seller and manufacturer of ink and toner cartridges.”

E-Z Ink is a cartridge remanufacturer and claims that each returned cartridge is cleaned, restored, re-filled, and tested to ensure trouble-free printing. “All cartridges are filled with superior quality pigment or dye-based ink that has been formulated to provide crisp, clean, and clear prints… and are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 360-day purchase warranty.”

At this time, no further information or dates have been announced about formalising the relationship.



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