Ninestar Re-engineers Inks to be Safer and More Reliable

Ninestar Re-engineers Inks to be Safer and More Reliable

Ninestar Re-engineers Inks to be Safer and More Reliable

Ninestar Re-engineers Inks to be Safer and More ReliableThe EverBrite-branded, durable pigment ink has been re-engineered to provide its global customers with the best quality inks available.

According to Jarek Yang (pictured), senior product manager of Ninestar Image (Ninestar), Ninestar has a “keeps the people-first principle.”  Yang said, “This was taken into consideration when EverBrite Art, Home and Office were developed.” Yang added EverBrite continues to be committed to providing safe and sustainable products. “This means we are committed to helping our users to safeguard their personal health, especially during the pandemic.”

Yang also explained that EverBrite Office, EverBrite Home and EverBrite Art each have their own market demands. This means the inks are tailored or formulated to meet the needs of different user groups.

Yang is going to release a series of articles about the EverBrite range of inks over the coming weeks to help educate distributors and their end-user customers about the safety and sustainability of the inks.

The improved formulation of EverBite inks also complies with RoHS, Reach, Pops and PAHs standards. “They contain no volatile substances and the ink will not produce any harmful emissions or irritating odor in the air,” Yang said.

“When users stay at home, the inks will have no impact on indoor air quality nor on their body health,” he added. “In addition, the ultraviolet-proof features mean color prints will not fade. Users can keep their prints for several decades, resulting in less waste of resources.”

Stricter Ink Quality Control: stability and reliability

Yang said the company has strict quality control measures in place. The raw materials needed to manufacture the ink are imported from highly regarded, world-leading suppliers. A total of 14 control parameters—including physical, image and stability control parameters—are tested during the manufacturing and processing of the inks. Some stages of manufacture will see a second test applied. Trial and error testing is conducted every day in line with end-user’s habits, to ensure the very best quality. “More importantly, we keep good track of the product source in case there are any quality problems,” Yang noted.

Ninestar and its G&G have been recognized as a leading third-party supplies brand for twenty years. To know more about Everbrite inks, please contact your sales manager or send email to



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