More Manufacturers Get Back to Work

All businesses across China have been closed and all individuals have been mandated to stay quarantined at home for more than 30 days since the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China. As the disease is being quickly brought under control, more industries are getting back to work. Yesterday, RT reported that 55 industry companies in China have already restarted their businesses.

Now, more news has come through that companies in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, are picking up pace to restart their businesses too. With the war against the virus appearing to have an end in sight, the local government has simplified restart application procedures. Businesses in Zhongsha, a neighboring city to Zhuhai, need only to submit a guarantee letter. This means all companies located in Zhongshan can choose to restart their businesses at any time so long as they meet this minimal requirement.

Being so close to Zhuhai (the world capital of printing consumables) there are a growing number of imaging supplies companies and factories located in Zhongshan. This makes it another integrated industry center for the imaging equipment and supplies industry in China.

With more and more companies/factories in China resuming work, international buyers can expect that business routines in China will return soon. Staff at RT advise all international buyers to make contact with their regular suppliers to make specific arrangements.

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