Konica Minolta Introduces Next-generation bizhub i-Series MFP

Konica Minolta Introduces Next-generation bizhub i-Series MFP

Konica Minolta U.S.A. unveiled the the latest iteration of its bizhub i-Series multifunctional printers, the bizhub One i-Series. These new models are designed to enhance ease of use in today’s dynamic workplaces while addressing increasing security concerns with advanced firmware for enhanced protection against malicious activity.

Enhanced security

According to recent research by Quocirca, fewer than 30 percent of organizations have complete confidence in the security of their print infrastructure. The new bizhub One i-Series aims to improve this by providing information on security matters, keeping users vigilant.

The new feature “Authentication Attack Detection” function can block unauthorized access attempts from brute force attacks – an attack method growing by 160% annually. Moreover, an optional BitDefender protection allows organizations to benefit from additional security layers and prevent malware from spreading to other networked devices.

Improved ease of use

The new lineup boasts an improved, intuitive user interface. Users can organize applications into folders based on themes or usage frequency, similar to smartphone organization, for easier access. The “Automatic Media Detection” function has also been improved. Utilizing ultrasonic and optical sensors, this function automatically detects the type of paper being used, ensuring a smooth paper feed for various media types.

Optional Cloud Capabilities

In addition to enhanced security and usability, the new bizhub One i-Series models offer optional cloud-enabled print, fax and scan capabilities. These features allow users to print, fax and scan documents directly to and from the cloud, providing seamless integration with popular cloud storage services. This functionality ensures users can access and manage their documents from anywhere, promoting flexibility and efficiency in the modern workplace.


Konica Minolta’s new bizhub One i-Series includes thirteen A3 devices: eight color MFPs and five monochrome MFPs. Visit Konica Minolta online to learn more about its office product portfolio.



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