GPI Opens New Operations Center in Taiwan

GPI Opens New Operations Center in Taiwan

GPI is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new Operations Center in Taiwan, marking a significant step in the company’s global integration and business strategy. This milestone reflects almost fifty years of growth and development.

GPI Opens New Operations Center in Taiwan

The newly designed operations center prioritizes energy sustainability and high management efficiency. Constructed as an intelligent facility, it significantly enhances operational efficiency and strengthens GPI’s competitiveness by integrating the global supply chain and product research and development.

The company remains dedicated to innovation, excellence, and sustainability, aiming for greater achievements in collaboration with its valued partners and clients.


About GPI

General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in the precise injection molding business for nearly 40 years, evolving into a specialist in toner cartridge manufacturing over the last 28 years. The company is committed to pursuing perfection in every product while respecting OEM patent claims.

GPI’s commitment to ethical business practices is evident in its nearly four-decade-long history. Established during the “Made in Taiwan” era of global trade, GPI chose to remain in Taiwan even as many businesses migrated to China in the late 1980s for cheaper labor costs. This decision was driven by the founder’s belief in social responsibilities to employees and the community.

With a primary focus on innovation and quality, GPI has grown significantly, culminating in an IPO in 2003. Today, GPI continues to uphold the values of ethics, integrity, and quality in its daily operations, contributing to its status as one of Taiwan’s greatest assets.



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