G&G Launches Select Standard for Premium Buyers

G&G Launches Select Standard for Premium Buyers

G&G Launches Select Standard for Premium Buyers

G&G Launches Select Standard for Premium BuyersNinestar’s G&G brand has just released a range of toner and inkjet printer cartridges targeting topline, premium and fussy buyers looking for OEM quality products.

Called “G&G Select” the products have an exclusive feeling BlackBox appearance with an improved texture.

The packaging is designed to be more user-friendly making it more convenient to unpack the box. The packaging is tighter and has been made more resilient to damage during transportation.

The release of G&G Select comes in response to the demand for a higher, premium quality product to compete with the OEM. It will help distributors and channel partners to better serve customers in high-end channels like government, healthcare, education and finance.

According to Jon Chan (pictured), G&G’s global branding manager, Select is a new sub-brand of G&G, which has the full support of the Ninestar platform.

He says that Select has differentiated from other G&G product and has been positioned to target vertical industry users in all sorts of industries,

“This is our plan for the G&G Select product architecture. One of them includes standard yields and increased yields cartridges, and copier cartridges; the other is our innovative products, including Jumbo series, Eco-saver ink cartridges, anti-firmware upgrade series. In the center are our customized products for vertical industry users. As per the needs of your local market, we can develop corresponding products together, to widen the assortment.” Chan said.


  • Raw Materials: G&G Select will pay stricter attention to product selection with the principle of quality above quantity. Only high-quality raw materials are selected and key components such as toner and OPCs are sourced from well-known suppliers that have long-term cooperation with OEMs.
  • QC assurance: The Select series has strengthened its inspection in relation to SQE, IQC, IPQC, FQE and other QC processes. With 11 procedures in all, it has “zero” tolerance for quality problems that may occur during the process.
  • Performance: It can be told from comparison data between Select and original products that the page yields of G&G Select are conspicuously higher than that of the original. The color density and transfer rate are almost the same as those of the OEM. The color gamut and brightness map basically coincide with the OEM.
  • Appearance: G&G Select has upgraded the external box material with better appearance and texture. It is more convenient to unpack the box, and the packaging is tighter, with stronger resistance to damage during transportation.

More information about G&G Select is available in a video presentation given by Chan and more informationcan also be obtained by sending an email to info@ggimage.com.

G&G Launches Select Standard for Premium Buyers



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