G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New ModelsLast month, G&G was thrilled to launch its G&G Dual-Eco Inkjet lineup, a wallet-friendly and eco-conscious solution that promises to revolutionize your inkjet printing experience.

Continuing its commitment to innovation, G&G is proud to expand the Dual-Eco inkjet line with the addition of new models. The last batch focused on ink-pack-type products. This time the talented R&D engineers at G&G have set their sights on more common, non-ink-pack desktop inkjet models such as the Epson 603XL, Epson 405XL, and Canon 580XXL (regionalized 280XXL in North America) series.

According to Alex Zhang, head of G&G’s inkjet R&D team, there are unique challenges in designing Dual-Eco inkjet products for non-ink-pack desktop models like the Canon 580 series.

“The structure of these models is completely different from ink-pack products,” says Zhang. “To meet the Dual-Eco concept, we don’t just offer a value pack – we’ve come up with a design that uses less metal and plastic. This makes it more eco-friendly without sacrificing quality, performance, and the user’s experience.”

G&G’s Dual-Eco inkjet replacement for the Canon PGI-580XXL offers exceptional value, with two cartridges included in each pack. What sets it apart from other value-pack products in the market is its innovative design that allows two cartridges to share a reusable and removable chip slot. This unique design helps users double the number of pages compared to original cartridges while using less plastic and fewer chips.

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

The G&G dual-eco series products are designed with user experience in mind, making them a hassle-free choice for busy consumers. With easy-to-follow instructions and an effortless cartridge change process, users can save time and frustration.

Consumers are encouraged to upgrade their printing experience today with the G&G dual-eco series — the sustainable and user-friendly choice.

The smart chips enabled in G&G Dual-Eco cartridges are tailor-made to ensure precise counting and real-time ink level monitoring while safeguarding privacy and security.

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

All G&G Dual-Eco, non-ink-pack desktop inkjet cartridges feature Everbrite Home ink, a lab-tested formula that delivers brilliant, true-to-life colors and crisp, sharp text. With our cartridges, you can expect your prints to last longer and look more vibrant than ever before.

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

Featuring 100% more pages, the G&G Dual-Eco is a no-brainer when it comes to an environmentally friendly choice. By using less plastic to achieve more yields, it is a sustainable option for users to reduce their carbon footprint.

Available Product List:

G&G Expands Dual-Eco Inkjet Lineup with New Models

For more information about G&G’s Dual-Eco lineup, send an email to info@ggimage.com.



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