€44 Billion Investment for European Paper Industry

The 2050 Roadmap of European paper industry has been released, detailing its plan to cut down carbon emissions and create more added-value.

According to dealersupport.co.uk, the Roadmap indicates that €44 billion (US$46.6 billion) more investment needs to be added for reducing carbon emissions by 80%. It has increased 40% based on current levels. With the addition of investment, the European paper industry will be transformed, and over 50% added-value and low-carbon bioeconomy can be created by 2050.

Additional €24 billion (US$25.4 billion) investment is used for exploring emissions reduction pathways. Another €20 billion (US$21.2 billion) of investment is required for stimulating the production of new low carbon bio-based products.

CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industry) had released the first low-carbon industry Roadmap in 2011. The 2050 Roadmap of European paper industry reiterates its vision of combining decarbonisation and growth.

Sylvain Lhôte, the Director General of CEPI said, “Since our first Roadmap in 2011 the paper industry has invested €15 billion (US$15.9 billion) in Europe. More must be done to accelerate industry transformation in Europe over the next decade. It is now essential to lift-off the low-carbon bioeconomy and pace of transformation.”

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