Declaration of G&G Unauthorized Distributors in Argentina

Ninestar Image Tech Limited (“Ninestar”) specializes in providing professional printing solutions for global users. It focuses on global sales of G&G brand’s toner cartridges, ink cartridges and ribbons.

Recent market research found that certain G&G products which are not provided by Ninestar being sold in Argentina. In order to avoid misunderstanding and protect the interests of consumers, Ninestar hereby solemnly state as follows:

  1. For now, Ninestar has no authorized distributors or agents selling G&G brand products in Argentina. No G&G brand products are provided to any local distributors or agents in Argentina by Ninestar.
  2. Products purchased from unauthorized sources cannot be guaranteed to be genuine.
  3. For more information of G&G products and Ninestar Image Tech Limited, please visit
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