China’s Industry Restart Update

26,209 companies in Guangdong province, China, have restarted their businesses as at February 17, 2020. Four days earlier, on February 13, only 12,000 (approximately) had restarted following the deadly coronavirus crisis. The ratio of restarts increases dramatically each day.

Companies restarted their businesses

Cities including Yangjiang, Zhuhai, Shaoguan and Guangzhou are ranked at the top on the restart list. Key enterprises in Guangdong such as Gree, Meizu, BaoWu and ZhongKe Refinery & Petrochemical, have fully restarted.

As at February 17, 217 manufacturers and suppliers of emergency supplies have restarted production, accounting for 82.8% of the industry. Among them, 30 surgical mask manufacturers have fully restarted along with four surgical protective manufacturers. To this end, the pressure on protective supplies demands to fight the virus is eased.

Companies restarted their businesses

With the situation turning to the better, provincial governments have launched beneficial policies to accelerate restarting pace of industries and companies. These policies include:

* to hasten the restarting of supply chain companies/factories for key enterprises;

* to facilitate companies/enterprises restart operations with new technologies;

* to promote multilateral efforts to strengthen financial services;

* to meet the employment, financial, taxing, and importing demands for companies/enterprises through “YueShangTong” platform.

In Zhuhai, the world capital city of printing consumables, the limits on transportation have now been removed. The government is overseeing and carefully monitoring a smooth transition into full transportation services while controlling the disease. This also assist workers getting to factories and permitting offices and factories to restart.

On February 19, all quarantine stations set up to stop or minimize traffic movements on each road entering Zhuhai have been removed. The testing of vehicles and drivers will continue in a flexible and mobile manner. Joint quarantine sites at subway stations, long-distance bus stations, airport and ferry terminals will remain in accordance with the prevention and control requirements.

The large manufacturing base of Dongguan, also in the Guangdong province saw 80 percent, or 4,491, of its manufacturing factories and businesses restart by February 10. The Dongguan government replaced the tough restart application restrictions with a simplified guarantee letter process after February 10 to allow a quicker catchup for domestic and international orders. All companies are expected to comply with standards and requirements for disease control. Further, the government launched 15 policies including a designated bus strategy to pick up factory staff as part of their restart subsidy program. 2,174 manufacturers, with 30,000 workers or more in Hengli county, have restarted operations, while 900 manufacturers with more than 40,000 workers in Changping county have been able to resume work. By February 18, the restart ratio of 81 key enterprises in Songshanhu city reached 80%, permitting a total of 74,000 workers to resume work.


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