3 Winners of Russian Toner Contest Announced rtmworld

3 Winners of Russian Toner Contest Announced

3 Winners of Russian Toner Contest Announced

3 Winners of Russian Toner Contest Announced rtmworldFollowing a contest which measured the quality of toners used in remanufactured printer cartridges, the three winners have been announced in Moscow by information agency Business-Inform.

The toners from IMEX (supplied by IMEX EU Trading SRL, Spain), MK Imaging (supplied by Delacamp AG, Germany) and Daiken Chemicals (supplied by Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co, China) were declared the best of those submitted for testing.

RT Media’s strategic partner in Russia, Information agency “Business-Inform” conducted the contest February 17, 2020 – July 01, 2020, which was the third stage of tests conducted by the agency.

“Participation in the third stage was allowed for remanufactured (refilled) OEM first-pass HP CF283A cartridges,” Dr Stanislav Malinskiy (pictured) told RT Media. According to Malinskiy, the cartridge printing evaluation was performed in accordance with the new Russian Standardized LEM 2.01.19 method certified in Russia (registration # РОСС RU. 32155.04ЛЭМ0) and recommended by the Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) (Russia).

The contest had 64 remanufactured HP CF283A cartridges from leading international and Russian companies. The cartridges were refilled with 17 different toners.

The eventual winners were toners that all originated from Japan. IMEX, MK Imaging and Daiken Сhemicals are all based in Japan. Delacamp sources its toners through its alliance with MK Imaging. HYB Toner is only the second company in China to set up toner operations in Japan. It announced the operation of its plant in Japan in June, 2020.

Malinskiy said that the contest revealed the strengths as well as the weaknesses in remanufacturing. “More than half of the remanufactured (refilled) cartridges provided for testing failed to demonstrate the declared yield (printed less than 1200 pages compared with 1500 declared),” he said. “The ones that failed had issues with image reproduction (low optical density, nonuniformity of filling, etc.).” He went on to explain the quality of remanufactured products is largely influenced by the default condition of the cartridges, the quality of components, the conditions of remanufacturing as well as the expertise of the remanufacturers.

3 Winners of Russian Toner Contest Announced



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