• 19 / 04 / 2018
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About Us

Zhuhai Jettron Events Services Co., Ltd. Is a collection of conference preparation, special equipment booth set up as oneof the one-stop service Integrated Company. Company to provide customers withprofessional special equipment booth design, production, construction anddecoration exhibition hall, to provide planning, design, organization,implementation and other services for large activities and meetings of thegovernment and enterprise units. Since the establishment of the company, toundertake and successfully delivered a number of government and enterpriseunits of the special booth construction project, and hosted the medicine,finance, sports and tourism, industrial equipment manufacturing (cover printingsupplies, 3D printing, yacht industry) and other field activities and meetings,has won the recognition of customers and industry peers. At the same time, thecompany also cultivate and create a rich experience, creativity, strongexecution of the professional team.

ZhuhaiJettron Event Services Co., Ltd. since its inception, with advancedinternational concepts, team members of the international vision, andinnovative performance of the design and production process, the professionalbrand services and a wide range of quality resources, for every customer hasunique boutique service experience, for every partners bring more direct andefficient brand communication benefits!



Scope of busines

Booth Building Services: Domestic exhibition, Hongkong exhibition, Macao exhibition, Foreign exhibition  Conference

service: Planning and implementation of activities, planning and implementation of meetings, conference software leasing

Conference software rental service: Providing software rental service for business meeting or conference host.

Exhibition hall decoration services: Enterprise exhibition hall, Planning Museum, exhibition hall, science and Technology

Museum and other exhibition hall and venue design, decoration industry services.