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Eight Smart Strategies Identified During China Coronavirus Containment

A Shanghai mover and shaker claims the world can learn from smart strategies used during the coronavirus crisis in China

We are Proud of These Women

Thanks to RT's regional partners for their nominations.
Getting Back to Work in China rtmworld coronavirus

Getting Back to Work in China Despite Ongoing Coronavirus Fears

Getting back to work in China following mandatory lockdown but coronavirus threat keeps schools and restaurants closed.

China Will Emerge Stronger Post-coronavirus

China Will Emerge Stronger Post-coronavirus according to Fionn Wright, a mover and shaker in Shanghai.

China’s Industry Restart Update

26,209 companies in Guangdong province, China, have restarted their businesses as at February 17, 2020.
Supplies Donated to Fight Coronavirus rtmworld

Supplies Donated to Fight Coronavirus by RT in China

RT and global partners from 20 countries have searched, purchased and donated essential supplies to Chinese hospitals

Industry Players Join Together to Fight Coronavirus

RT Media wants to thank everyone for your help and contribution to fight against the coronavirus.

Innovative Inkjet Printing Project for Leather

Learn more about the dedicated inkjet printing solution to decorate leathers.

More Manufacturers Get Back to Work

companies in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, are picking up pace to restart their businesses too.

PrintReleaf Expands to Canada

To develop a PrintReleaf Certified reforestation project in Canada