Lexmark Make Masks for Healthcare Staff rtmworld

Lexmark Employees Make Face Masks for Healthcare Staff

Lexmark staff volunteer to make a couple of hundred face masks a day for healthcare workers at Baptist Health Hospital
New Canon CEO Appointed at a Time of Uncertainty rtmworld

New Canon CEO Appointed at a Time of Global Uncertainty

A new Canon CEO, says it is a great honor to take on this role at a time of uncertainty when COVID-19 impacts the world.
Canon Continues to Make Amazon Removal Requests rtmworld

Canon Continues to Make Amazon Removal Requests

Canon continues to make Amazon removal requests over allegedly infringing printer cartridges sold in America and Europe.
Xerox accuses HP of disservice to stockholders rtmworld

Xerox Accuses HP Board of Disservice to its Stockholders

Xerox accuses the HP Board through its continued delay tactics to be a great disservice to HP stockholders.
Epson Declares War on Toner Shaq rtmworld

Epson Declares War on Toner with Free Ink

Epson declares war on toner with free ink in new no-cartridge, bulk ink printers and NBA basketballer Shaq O'Neal.
Xerox to Propel its Growth in India with new leader Leo Joseph rtmworld

Xerox Expects to Propel its Growth in India with New Leader

Xerox expects to propel its growth in India with the appointment of Leo Joseph as its new managing director.
Canon Shares Gloomy Report rtmworld

Canon Shares Gloomy Report with Investors

Canon shares gloomy report with net sales in 2019 totalling JPY¥3,593,299 million - down 9.1% due to a shrinking market.
Xerox Acquires but not HP rtmworld

Xerox Acquires, but it’s not HP

Xerox acquires, but not HP. Rather it's two leaders in managed print services and specialists in IT services.
HP Target of Workers at Home Crisis rtmworld

HP Continues to Target Workers at Home During Crisis

HP continues to target workers at home during the coronavirus crisis even though it has apologised for a firmware update
Canon Request More Removals

Canon Requests More Removals from Amazon

Canon has filed an infringement report with Amazon and requests more listings removals of infringing toner cartridges.