The Rise of Ink Tank Printers

The inkjet printing numbers in emerging countries clearly shift toward the lowest printing cost.

Ninestar Strengthening the Service Center in Europe

Ninestar strengthening the service center in Europe for better customer service in afaster and efficient localized way.
Printers Decline but InkTanks Increase rtmworld

Printers Decline but InkTanks Increase in India

The demand for inktanks may continue to increase but consumer demand for printers has gone into decline as many have pic
Next Steps 10% Tariff

What‘s Next Step on Proposed 10% Tariff on Imports from China?

Certain products are being removed from the tariff list and will not face additional tariffs of 10 percent.
Western European market decline

Western European HCP Market Continues to Decline

This meant the overall market declined year on year by 268K units.
MCC Substance Patent granted

Japanese Chemical Giant Gains New Patent from USPTO

MCC's substance patent for aliphatic diols and derivatives has been granted.
EU Modified restrictions on REACH

EU Modified REACH Once Again

EU has once again modified the restrictions on REACH and the new restrictions come in force on Jan 2, 2021.

Top Cores in The Managed Print Services Market

The US leads in its MPS spending plans, with 78% of US respondents indicating a rise in spend over the next 12 months.
industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Impacts Manufacturing

Catching production errors as they occur and tailoring products batches for each customer is now as simple as a tweak