Smart Choice for Dongle Gear Products

Three years of litigation ended in EDELTEC’s agreement to stop selling infringing products and pay damages.
Canon infringing products litigation

Canon Concludes Lawsuit in Brazil

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Canon further requests amazon removals, 5 new companies in the list rtmworld

Canon Further Requests Amazon Removals, 5 new companies in the list

Canon requested Amazon to remove the infringements products.
HP and Sharing Color Settle in China rtmworld

HP and Sharing Color Settle in China

HP and Sharing Color settle in the Shanghai IP Court—Sharing Color stops manufacturing and selling infringing cartridges
Aftermarket's High Court Appeal Calidad High Court Australia rtmworld

Aftermarket’s High Court Appeal – patent exhaustion test

Many Australian patent attorneys hope the appeal by aftermarket Calidad, being sued by Epson, will go to the High Court.
Epson Wins Against Aftermarket Remanufactured Inkjet Rights Competing in Epson and Calidad

Epson Wins Against Aftermarket in Australia

The Federal Court has found right to repair argument unconvincing as remanufactured Epson cartridges were not worn out
Giannetta Confident at Facing Aster rtmworld

Giannetta Confident at Facing Aster in Court

Gianetta’s attorney is appealing to the court requesting Aster Graphic’s complaint be dismissed.
Canon Requests Amazon Removals rtmworld

Canon Requests Amazon Removals, 1153 Listings Included

It has been a year since the company file infringement reports to Amazon.
trade mark rtmworld

Attention: Trade Mark Protection in India

Raids were conducted across Mumbai and Kolkata and counterfeit goods were seized.
EU Modified restrictions on REACH

EU Modified REACH Once Again

EU has once again modified the restrictions on REACH and the new restrictions come in force on Jan 2, 2021.