3D Printers Made From Copiers

Two new e-waste centers in Australia have collected tons of old copiers for recycling and built 3D printers.

Print-Rite Opens 3D Lab for Medicine in Zhuhai, China

Print-Rite has unveiled a first ever orthopedic 3D printing laboratory of the city on January 18, 2017.

Fuji Xerox to Enter China 3D Printing Market

One of the leading suppliers of printers and document solutions planned to release its 3D printing business in 2017.

3D Filament Made from Used Cartridges

A France-based ink cartridge manufacturer has transformed plastic cartridge waste into 3D filament.

HP Promises No Lockdown with its 3D Printers

HP Inc. has promised open and multi-source for its 3D printer raw materials.