• 23 / 04 / 2019
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About Us

Introduction about Jettron Events

Zhuhai Jettron Events Services Co., Ltd. (Jettron) is a comprehensive company which provides one-stop solutions, including event organisation (expo, conference, roadshow etc.), exclusive booth design and decoration, showroom design and construction and marketing consultant services etc.

Jettron has an international team comprises of talents from Australia, Americas, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong of China and the Mainland China. Since establishment, Jettron has served many governments units and enterprises on events organisation and booth design & construction projects which covering the industries fields such as medicine, finance, sports and tourism, industrial equipment manufacturing like printing supplies, 3D printing, yacht industry and other areas. With excellent quality, considerate services and professional craftsmanship, Jettron achieved an outstanding reputation in the sectors.

Services of Jettron

  • Event Organization
  • Special Booth Design and Construction
  • Showroom Design and Construction
  • Professional Conference System
  • Marketing Consultant Services