• 27 / 03 / 2019
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JOB:The human resources manager Back

  • The human resources manager Experience: 5+ Year
    Contact Info: +86 756 3959250 Sydney.Wang@RTMworld.com
    Employee Benefits: ¥ 8000-9999 / month ( )
    Job Location : Zhuhai Job Type : HR

    1, according to the company’s overall development strategy, assist company to develop the company development strategy planning, audit department business plan;And is responsible for organizing, implementing the company daily operation and management personnel;
    2, establish and improve human resources management system, develop, organize and implement human resources management system (including recruitment, training, performance, compensation and employee development, etc.);

    3, on a regular basis to provide high-level decision makers about the human resources strategy, organization construction, the administrative aspects of specific Suggestions, making important decisions for the company to provide hr information support;
    4, perfect company human resource management system specification, to formulate and improve the system of the personnel management of the company, to provide various support personnel.


    1, human resources management, enterprise management, and other related professional bachelor degree or above;
    2, 5 years working experience at the same position in field.
    3, proficient in performance management, training and competency assessment of form a complete set of actual combat experience;
    4, has the strong ability of organization and leadership, and ability to execute, coordination, public relations ability, team building skills, strong language and writing power of expression;
    5, convention and exhibition industry or group company human resources management experience is preferred.