• 26 / 03 / 2019
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JOB:HR Director Back

  • HR Director Experience: 5+ Year
    Contact Info: +86 756 3959250 Sydney.Wang@RTMworld.com
    Employee Benefits: ¥10000-14999 / month ( )
    Job Location : Zhuhai Job Type : HR

    1, clear the company human resources objectives and overall scheme, to the general manager to provide hr strategy and organization construction
    Advice, and is committed to improve the comprehensive management level of the company;
    2, the company human resource management policy, policy and system;
    3 to make the company human resources development of long-term planning, medium-term plans and annual plans, and supervise the projects
    Its implementation;
    3, shaping, maintenance, development and dissemination of corporate culture;
    4, research, design, human resource management model (include recruitment, performance, training, compensation and staff development system
    The comprehensive construction)
    5, develop and improve human resources management and administrative management system;
    6, organize the staff recruit, engage, shift, examine, promote, rewards and punishments, such as personnel management guidelines, policies, regulations and standards, and supervise the implementation;
    7, to guide and coordinate the department and the department of choose and employ persons recruitment, staff training, performance evaluation, salary, etc
    For ensuring the company’s human resources reasonable use;
    8, plan and audit of human resources management and administrative costs;
    9, timely processing company management major human resources and administrative problems in the process of;
    10, responsible and keep good contact, government administrative departments of labor and personnel matters, timely access to relevant policy support;
    11 and finish every task that the temporary works assigned by general manager.


    1, human resources management, enterprise management, and other related professional bachelor degree or above;
    2, 5 years working experience at the same position in field.
    3, proficient in performance management, training and competency assessment of form a complete set of actual combat experience;
    4, has the strong ability of organization and leadership, and ability to execute, coordination, public relations ability, team building skills, strong language and writing power of expression;
    5, convention and exhibition industry or group company human resources management experience is preferred.