• 24 / 04 / 2019
  • RT Media News:
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Employment Tips

Company introduction

Recycling Times Co., LTD., Zhuhai is a company specializing in print media and exhibitions. The company is committed to the industry of global 2D print consumables and 3D printing and provides international, multi-channel, multi-level, media products and services for printing consumables industry. It is also 3D printing industry’s largest information service providers, and dedicated to educate and promote the development of the industry.
The company’s web site: www.iRecyclingTimes.com

Products and services

Domestic and international exhibitions, magazines (Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian), website (Chinese, English, Spanish), “inTouch New” TV news (both in English and Chinese), social media at home and abroad, industry information and Summit and Expos.


Industry Status:

Zhuhai “San Gao Yi Te” enterprise珠海市“三高一特”企业
Zhuhai Consumables Association vice-chairman Company
The world’s largest printing consumables professional exhibitions; notable exhibitions supported by the Ministry of Commerce in 2017
“Modern Industry in Guangdong province from 2010 to 2011,Top 500 ” project


Work atmosphere:

No matter how much education or work experience you have, here at RT, only your character, work efficiency, proficiency in English, and team work spirit matter to us.
Here, you will work alongside with foreign employees and experience clash between Chinese and western cultures;
Here, you will meet a group of dreamers such as yourself who can have in lives and to write sales plans at the same time. You will soar and roar.
As long as you are proactive and diligent, you will surely have your values realized here.
Recycling Times sincerely looks forward to your participation! Welcome to join RTM!


The employee benefits:

1, 8-hour work day for five days a week;
2, employees enjoy paid annual leave and maternity leave, marriage leave and other leaves;
3, the company strictly applies the national labor laws and regulations for the employees by purchasing “the five insurances” for the employees;
4, employees may apply for permanent residency in Zhuhai with full-time bachelor degree or above;
5, regular sports activities for employees;
6,  regular employees enjoy free health check-up every year.
7, employees enjoy meal, housing, and travel compensations.



Office address: Zhuhai pearl south road no. 2021 Jin Jia creative valley floor 4 layer 1
Contact person: Miss Wang
Contact phone: 0756-3959250