• 24 / 06 / 2018
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  • iPrint 3D Printing Expo

    In October 2013, iPrint 3D Expo introduced the first 3D printing exhibition in Zhuhai, China, with a venue of 3,000m2 dedicated to showcasing 3D printing applications, making it one of the first 3D printing expos in China.

    October 13-15 2016, the 3rd iPrint 3D Expo will be held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, at the same date and same venue with RemaxWorld Expo—the world’s largest print consumables expo.

    In addition, our 3D printing technology seminar, themed as “Win in China”, will make its debut in Zhuhai this year. Partnered with 3D Printing World Magazine, the Asia-Pacific 3D Printing Application Propelling Alliance is going to launch “Win in China” seminars targeted at various applications, based on the local industry resources and development reality.


    In the form of national roadshows and webinars, by inviting representative enterprises and experts, we are going to share with our audience variety of application cases and to brainstorm about the future development of the industry.

    Committing to the sustainable development of China 3D printing industry, we work effortlessly to open up an industry-oriented activity which combing the efforts of different application fields and local industry resources.

    More information please keep an eye on the 4th iPrint 3D Expo. Stay tuned!

    Event Start Date: 12/10/2017 09:00    Event End Date: 14/10/2017 17:00