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iPrint 3D Printing Expo

Event Date: 18/10/2018 09:00 Event End Date: 20/10/2018 17:00

In October 2013, iPrint 3D Expo introduced the first 3D printing exhibition in Zhuhai, China, with a venue of 3,000m2 dedicated to showcasing 3D printing applications, making it one of the first 3D printing expos in China.In 2017, the 5th iPrint 3D Expo saw 500 exhibitors, from 28 countries and regions, shake hands on new deals with the 15,122 visitors that attended from 104 countries.

In the form of national roadshows and webinars, by inviting representative enterprises and experts, we are going to share with our audience variety of application cases and to brainstorm about the future development of the industry.

Committing to the sustainable development of China 3D printing industry, we work effortlessly to open up an industry-oriented activity which combing the efforts of different application fields and local industry resources.
October 18-20 2018, the 6th iPrint 3D Expo will be held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, at the same date and same venue with RemaxWorld Expo-The largest print consumables expo in the world.


More information please keep an eye on the 6th iPrint 3D Expo. Stay tuned!


Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center


No.1663, Yinwan Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Seminar Start Date: 18/10/2018 09:00 Seminar End Date: 20/10/2018 17:00

Exhibits Focus:

Equipment & Device

Industrial 3D Printers, Desktop 3D Printers and other 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing Machines (Rapid Prototyping Machines, Rapid Manufacturing Equipment), 3D Printer Accessories.

Three-dimensional Scanning & Software

3D Scanners, 3D Laser Engraving Machines, Laser Plate-making, Three-Dimensional Measurement, Laser Tracker, 3D Cameras, Three-dimensional Design Systems, Motion Capture Systems, Three-Dimensional Imaging Measurement Systems, Numerical Control Systems, Detection and Reverse Engineering Software, Three-Dimensional Detection Software,  3D Design Software, Printing Software etc.

Materials & Technology

Photosensitive Resins, Plastic Powder Materials (Nylon, Nylon, Glass Filler, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Aluminum Powder, Peek Material), Metallic Powder Materials (Die Steel, Titanium, Aluminum-Cocrmo Alloys, Iron-Nickel Alloy), 3D Printing Technology, Other Rapid Prototyping Technology, Reverse Engineering Technology, Surface Treatments, etc.

3D Printing Services

3D Pritning, Rapid Prototyping, Plate-making and other Reverse Engineering, Three-dimensional Scanning and Measurement Services, etc.


Each year, we select some good hotels as the recommended hotels for our Iprint 3D Expo visitors. All hotels on the list come with a special discount and free shuttle bus services to and from the expo between 18-20 October 2018. If you need our help to make a booking, please choose a hotel from the list, fill in the form and send it back to Joy.HE@RTMworld.com

Hotel list: Please click here





Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center


No.1663, Yinwan Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Expo Date:

18/10/2018 09:00    |    20/10/2018      17:00

Price of Ticket
Road Show Ticket:   Free
About Us

Recycling Times Media Corporation

Why Exhibit

Interaction with Hong Kong and Canton Fairs 

Save your time and expense by visiting 5 different exhibitions (RemaxWorld Expo and iPrint 3D Expo on Oct. 12-14, Hong Kong Electronic Fair on Oct. 13-16, Canton Fair on Oct. 15-19, Mega Show on Oct. 20-23) in the same trip in the Guangdong and Hong Kong precincts.

Location Advantages 

Zhuhai adjoins Macau and is only 70 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong. It’s a destination convenient for all international travelers. Zhuhai is located in one of China’s most economically developed regions — the Pearl River Delta. It offers you the best opportunity to access China’s huge consumer market.

Why Visit

Comments from Exhibitors and Visitors

This exhibition is excellent, and it is showcasing together with the world’s largest printing consumables exhibition, which is quite a highlight. Nearly 140,000 visitors gathering together from all over the world, and among these visitors, there are a lot of professional buyers, who is passionately interested about 3D printing. The parallel conference also shares some topics which is quite worth of discussing, it is thrilling to see HP and some other industry experts also joined the event.

——Tyler Benster , 3D Printing Evangelist, visited and learned from the leading practitioners of additive manufacturing in ten more countries

The exhibition is a success and it is also a sight. The students came to the exhibition and the Maker Competition Awards Ceremony, and the host obviously provided them with a very good communication platform. Students can learn a lot by exchanging ideas with contestants from various cultural backgrounds.

——Mr Yang, Co-founder of Hong Kong goldsmiths mid-stream

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking

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