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A:   Please register at http://remaxworld2018expo-en.myevents.cn/register?ticket=2118 to get free expo ticket.


 Two ferries are now available:
  • less than 100 people are permitted on each service;
  • you must purchase the ticket inside the airport (do not clear customs or immigration) at least 1 hour before the departure time;
  • when returning to HKIA from Zhuhai, the ferry departure time must be more than 190 minutes before your flight time;
  • if the above requirements are not met, you will be refused a ticket.
  From HKIA to Zhuhai
 12:15   17:00
  From Zhuhai to HKIA
 9:30 15:25



A limited ferry service from downtown Hong Kong to Zhuhai is available:

  1. catch the Airport Express train from HKIA to the city OR catch a taxi directly to the port;
  2. Alight at Kowloon and catch a taxi 4km to the HongKong-China Ferry Terminal ;
  3. Alight at Hong Kong Central and catch a taxi or walk 1km to the HongKong-Macau Ferry Terminal.
 Hongkong China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon) to Zhuhai                             
 09:30  17:45
 Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal (Hong Kong Central) to Zhuhai
 08:30  10:30  14:30  16:30  19:30   20:30
 Zhuhai to Hongkong China Ferry Terminal
 16:00  17:00
 Zhuhai to Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal
 09:00  13:00  15:00  18:00  19:30   21:30


You can catch a ferry from HKIA to Macau, then catch a taxi to the Gongbei border. Actually, we do not suggest this route, because there are so many people going through the customs (10,000 per hour on average) and the immigration process can take 1-2 hours. Here is the timetable:

  From HKIA to Macau                                                             
  11:00   13:15  17:00  22:00
  From Macau to HKIA
  7:15  9:30  11:30  15:15  19:45

1. You need to obtain an invitation letter.In order to obtainthe invitation letter for visa application, please go to the website and fill in your passport and company information. at  https://form.myevents.cn/remaxworld-visitor-visa-form

2. Once you have receivedthe invitation letter, take it to the Chinese consulate in your country and apply for a Chinese business visa. You can also contact your local travel agency to apply for a tourist visa. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Joy.He@RTMworld.com



Each year, we select some good hotels as the recommended hotels for our RemaxWorld Expo visitors. All hotels on the list come with a special discount and free shuttle bus services to and from the expo between 11-14 October 2017. If you need our help to make a booking, please choose a hotel from the list, fill in the form and send it back to Joy.He@RTMworld.com

Hotel list: https://o1.rtcdn.net/uploads/2018/03/%E9%85%92%E5%BA%97%E5%88%97%E8%A1%A8-1.pdf



There are two hotels right next to the venue. All RemaxWorld Expo visitors can enjoy a special discount during the expo dates. If you would like to book either the Sheraton Zhuhai or Huafa Place hotels, please fill in the hotel reservation form and send it back to us at Joy.He@RTMworld.com


Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel     

Booking link of Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel : https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/Remax17 

Huafa Place Hotel




Venue:   Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center  珠海国际会展中心

Address:  No. 1663, Silver Bay Road, Wan Chai, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Address in Chinese:中国广东珠海湾仔银湾路1663号



Summit : 11 October   9:00am to 17:00 pm

Expo: 12– 14 October

Expo times: 12 and 13 October 9:00am to 17:00pm

14 October  9:00am to 16:00pm



There is no direct shuttle bus from Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal to the venue.

Option one: You can take a taxi to the venue (about 20 minutes depending upon traffic).

Option two: You could catch the free shuttle bus from Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal to Holiday Inn Zhuhai or Zhuhai Holiday Resort hotel and then take the free shuttle bus from Holiday Inn Zhuhai or Zhuhai Holiday Resort hotel to the venue.



There is no shuttle bus from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport to the venue. You will need to take a taxi to the venue.



During the exhibition, the organizer will arrange free shuttle bus for exhibitors and visitors to travel between hotels and the venue. If you want to know about the route and pick up point, please go to the link below link https://www.rtmworld.com/2d/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/07/Route-and-Pick-up-Points-of-RemaxWorld-Expo-2017.pdf
The specific schedule will be published in the hote’s lobby during the expo date, so stay tuned.
For the convenience of foreigners, we make an adress card of the Expo venue, you can show it to the driver and ask him/her taking you there. Please go to https://www.rtmworld.com/2d/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/08/Adress-of-Zhuhai-International-Convention-Exhibition-Center.pdf to download it.