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Trustworthy MPS Softwares from THI

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Princity, the MPS software house, distributed by THI of Poland, debuted its versatile MPS softwares at Remax 2017 and has been in-undated with enquiries ever since.

“The industry has now realized that MPS is critical for its survival and customers looking for MPS softwares want the latest and the best software that can provide them better ways to earn money.” said Maciej Sianos, spokesperson of THI.

Prompted by an IDC study that predicts the value of MPS contracted revenues in 2018 at US$28 billion and forecasts to swell to US$50.4 billion by 2023, firms are reaching out for a slice of this pie and are inquiring about THI’s MPS software products.

“A shift from transactional business to contracted business in the aftermarket is inevitable,” said Maciej Sianos from THI, “our MPS softwares are head and shoulders above the rudimentary designs of other competitors, the Remax show in Zhuhai was a big platform for us to launch and demonstrate it, and it was a big success.”

If you want to make money from MPS, you need data on every machine under contract. Princity softwares offered by THI monitors can provide almost every detail so you can control your MPS contract profits.

For more details on THI MPS softwares, please visit www.thi.pl

Back 8 / 03 / 2018 | (No Comments)

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