• 23 / 04 / 2019
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  • Kyocera to Open New Smart Factory

Kyocera to Open New Smart Factory

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Originally published at:https://www.automation.com/

Kyocera Corporation announces construction of Japanese smart factory for automated equipment production

Kyocera Corporation has started construction of a new facility on the premises of its Yasu manufacturing complex in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The facility will develop and produce Kyocera’s automated production equipment, enabling the company to strengthen its use of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. The company held a groundbreaking ceremony on April 3 at the site.

The recent domestic labor shortage is gradually impeding the growth of the Japanese economy. According to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the population of Japanese workers age 15-64 totaled approximately 76 million in 2017 — and is expected to decrease to around 60 million by 2040. To overcome this labor shortage, Kyocera has encouraged its production sites to adopt technologies, including AI and robotics, which can double productivity.

As part of a comprehensive action plan toward doubling productivity, Kyocera will consolidate partial operations from two different sites, ― a research and development site currently located in Daito, Osaka and a manufacturing site in Yohkaichi, Shiga, ― with its manufacturing site in Yasu, Shiga, which produces equipment for the company’s own factories and offices.

Back 11 / 04 / 2019 | (No Comments)

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