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  • HYB Reports Sales Growth from Spare Parts

HYB Reports Sales Growth from Spare Parts

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HYB claimed their oversea sales grew 38% in 2018, compared with 2017.

HYB,spare parts

In addition to the increase of bulk toner and toner cartridges sales, the new spare parts range HYB launched in 2016 also registered dramatic growth in 2018.

The report from ERP system shows that the sales for HYB original pick-up rollers, paper feed rollers, separation rollers, primary charge rollers increased 56% in 2018 while the fuser, photoreceptors parts reported a stable 22% increase. At the beginning of 2017, HYB reinforced their technical team and set up Spare parts development and Quality system. This has rapidly enables HYB to offer a line of spare parts that covered with technical data, testing parameters and introduce customers with an easier access.

The outsourcing of OPC drum, drum blade to the most reliable global manufacturers ensures the stable quality of the products. HYB claims to have unique first-hand collection of OEM drum cartridge, fuser units to rebuild and make OEM-equivalent units available to their distributors.

23 HYB distributors have enjoyed their access to the complete spare parts catalogue and HYB will open more accounts to potential partners in 2019.

Back 10 / 01 / 2019 | (No Comments)

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