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E-Commerce Veteran to Lead in Marketing Agency

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Adam Reiter,Highlands,Recycling timesIn order to strengthen its e-commerce team, a sales and marketing agency has hired a veteran in e-tail management to head the team for online sales.

According to opi.net, Highlands, the U.S. based sales and marketing agency, has recruited Adam Reiter, a former director of e-commerce for compass marketing, as the new director of strategic accounts. Reiter has worked in e-commerce for nearly 30 years. His past positions includes working for consumer group P&G and handling key clients and online stores.

Looking to grow its e-commerce channels, Highlands has high hopes to Reiter’s appointment.

“We recognize the need for further investment in our e-commerce support and will continue to add more resources in this area going forward,” Highlands SVP of Strategic Accounts Shannon Blake said.

RT Media has published a story on how the emergence of online trading is going to set off a disruption in the office supplies industry. Moreover, in the upcoming RTISE—Americas Summit 2017 on June 22, OPI’s Martin Wilde will also speak on the subject.

Back 7 / 06 / 2017 | (No Comments)

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