• 24 / 04 / 2019
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Aftermarket Toner Cartridge Rises

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Originally published at Print21.

Aftermarket toner makes its mark

According to a new report from analysts Virtulytix , aftermarket suppliers have captured 33 percent of monochrome toner shipments worldwide and about 25 percent of revenue, and have also made gains in the color space.

In its 2018 Global Toner Cartridge Forecast, Virtulytix examines the $60 billion worldwide toner cartridge market across 24 laser and multifunction printer segments. Aftermarket sellers have approximately 13 percent of color shipments, and while OEMs maintain more than 90 percent of revenues in this space, that share is declining, warns Ron Iversen, vice-president of market intelligence at Virtulytix.

“Aftermarket toner cartridge suppliers are targeting the growing mid-high speed color MFP segments where cartridge usage is quite high,” he said. “With almost 80 percent of the toner cartridge market existing in the color area, this is clearly the biggest risk to OEM manufacturers.”

Aftermarket companies are increasing their technological prowess, and their cartridges are beginning to rival OEMs in print quality, the report found.

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