• 24 / 04 / 2019
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Zhuhai Print-Rite New Materials Corporation Limited Back

Zhuhai Print-Rite New Materials Corporation Limited is a pioneer of self-developing inkjet and ink manufacturer in China. Now it has developed into a high-tech company of digital printing materials, with the largest category of products, maximum productivity and strong manufacturing capability. Our business mainly targets at manufacturing functional and environmental inkjet ink with digital inkjet printing technologies. As a leading inkjet ink and total solution provider, we also provide professional inkjet printing solutions and services support to customers. The applicable markets of our company cover office, textile, advertising, building decoration and other special industries as well.

No.5 Baohui Road, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai,Guangdong, China
Contact Person: Xiaofeng Liang
Contact Phone: +86-756-868-7768-880
Contact Email: mkt@neojet.net
Company Website: http://www.neojet.net
Contact Number: +86-756-868-7768-880

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