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How to Improve Customer Loyalty With Social Media?

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MarketSmart 24 April, 2019 at 5:41 am

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Do you want to keep more of your customers?

Looking for new ways to nurture customer relationships?


SOCIAL MEDIA can serve as a pivotal role in building more meaningful connections with your customers. In this topic, you’ll discover several strategies to help you boost customer loyalty with social media.


#1: Listen to Customers

a. Use keyword to find your potential client.

In this post, Lesley just shows her need to find printer ink, what if you were a compatible ink supplier? Go and comment to start your customer-care sales.


b.If they have consistent praises or complaints that you should encourage or address

In this post, Toñita posted her new printer and, most importantly, showed her joviality. It’s a good chance for sales to improve customer loyalty, a “thank you” or a “like” can show your brand geniality.

However, what if a customer complained your product on social media platform?

Pay attention to network crisis public relations, cause you can’t predict its sequel.

In addition to monitoring brand sentiment, social listening can play an important role in customer retention. Specifically, you’ll want to use social listening to find out:

* Where your customers congregate on social media

* Which of your products and services they talk about

* What types of content they consistently share; do they post a lot of photos or use specific hashtags?



Use social listening to find out what products and services your customers talk about on social media and give instant follow-up action to raise customer’s engagement.


Q: Image that you were the sales of HP, what will you comment on Michelle’s post?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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