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RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Europe 2016

Event Date: 21/04/2016 9:00 Event End Date: 22/04/2016 17:00

The ONLY Dedicated Print Consumables Event in Europe!

Expo Start Date: 21/04/2016 Expo End Date: 22/04/2016

RT Imaging Expo — Europe 2016


1. High quality suppliers/exhibitors
The only dedicated print supplies exhibition in Europe – provides the best platform to find out the latest solution for your business! The show is expected to have more than 80+ exhibitors.
– The world’s top aftermarket print consumables manufacturers and remanufacturers;
– The world’s biggest cartridge components suppliers;
– Europe’s leading cartridge and refill franchises.

2. World – class summit
12 experts will share their analysis and insights into the hot industry issues.

3. Great location
It’s the perfect season to visit one of the most visited cities in Europe – Barcelona, Spain. Bring your family and enjoy a relaxing weekend after the show.



※ COMMENTS(Exhibitors & Visitors in 2015)※

Gyula Balla
Export Manager, Orink Hungary(Exhibitor)
As the distributor of Orink, we are a local, European company. We aim to grow our business everywhere in Europe.

Therefore, we believe this event, which focuses on print consumables, is a good opportunity to display our products where the industry comes together at one place.

Also, this conference discussed issues which affect the imaging industry aftermarket. Our first goal at Barcelona was is to meet new customers in order to grow our business throughout Europe.

We believe that such events are helping companies like us to find new partners. I hope that this event will grow year after year and, in a few years, it will become an excellent opportunity as a showplace for companies who are involved in the print consumables aftermarket.

Carlos Cano
Marketing Director, DBP(Exhibitor)

The most important reasons for us attending the Summit were: 
1) To meet face-to-face with suppliers who 
we have been working with all year long; 
2) To make contact with new Spanish customers; 
3) To increase our brand identity; 
4) To help our customers develop their own brands. 
This event provided a platform for us to reach new and existing Spanish customers, but it is only the first year. And we must wait to learn the result of our participation. 

Also, we look forward to 2016 when we hope to meet with more new customers in Barcelona.

Carsten Edelmeier
Authorized officer & Sales Manager at OCP Inks(Visitor)

The most important reason for us was to get together with people from the imaging industry to participate in the networking and to hear the presentations of those seasoned aftermarket players who have many years of experience.

Richard Betts
General Manager, European Market, Mito Color Imaging Ltd(Visitor)

The most important thing I found at Barcelona came from listening to the many different presentations, particularly those focused on forecasting the near term future. 

Based on the facts they have collected, and the conclusions they drew, I and Mito are now enabled to develop our strategies going forward, in line with the expectations forecast of near term growth in the market.



Expo Date:

21/04/2016    |    22/04/2016     

Price of Ticket:   Free
Seminar Start Date: 21/04/2016 Seminar End Date: 22/04/2016

RT Imaging Summit — Europe 2016

Theme: New Business Horizons for Europe

Summit Date:

21/04/2016    |    22/04/2016     

Price of Ticket:  Free
Exhibitors (In no particular order) Click here to view Exhibitors
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