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RT Imaging Summit & Expo – Europe 2015

Event Date: 15/01/2015 9:00 Event End Date: 16/01/2015 17:00

A Real Icebreaker! - RT Imaging Summit & Expo Europe 2015

Expo Start Date: 15/01/2015 Expo End Date: 16/01/2015

RT Imaging Expo – Europe 2015

A Real Icebreaker!

Pre-registration for Expo Pass: FREE
On-site purchase of Expo Pass: €10

About European Market

· Market Share: As the world’s biggest market for aftermarket products—28% of the global market—the aftermarket industry has been slow to gain more market share in Europe in recent times.
Shipments: According to IDC (Internet Data Center), the total annual printer shipments in Europe, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, reached 22.39 million units, about the same as in 2012. However, IDC say in the first half year of 2014, total shipments were 10.39 million units—a growth of 5%.
Problems: The OEMs regularly issue warning letters and lawsuits, and German Customs inspectors have publicly confiscated aftermarket products from exhibit booths at PaperWorld in Frankfurt, discouraging the aftermarket.
Potential: 22% of PaperWorld visitors interested in printer and I.T. accessories and consumables.

Why Barcelona?

Language: Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language worldwide with 500 million people using it as their 1st language, creating a platform from Barcelona to Latin America.
Location: It is the capital of the Mediterranean, with networks to Europe and Africa.
Business: As the 2nd biggest trade show location in Europe, 1 of the biggest logistic zones and headquarters to over 5,000 foreign companies, Barcelona’s enterprising culture provides considerable business opportunities as sectors linked to technology and sustainability are booming.
Leisure: Barcelona offers a range of bars and restaurants, cultural events and famous buildings. It is home to Nou Camp Stadium with football fixtures including Barcelona F.C. vs. Atletico Madrid on 11th January.

Why January?

January makes a good start for the year for more business opportunities
Winter in Barcelona is warm. It feels like spring.


P1, Convention Centre, Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB)


Expo Date:

15/01/2015    |    16/01/2015     

Price of Ticket:   Free
Seminar Start Date: 15/01/2015 Seminar End Date: 16/01/2015

RT Imaging Summit – Europe 2015

Pre-register Price: €199 (Offer expires on January 14, 2015)
On-site Price: €249 (January 15 & 16)

Summit Date:

15/01/2015    |    16/01/2015     

Price of Ticket:  $249

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