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RT Imaging Summit & Expo – EMEA 2017

RT Imaging Summit & Expo - EMEA 2017

Event Date: 23/04/2017 9:00 Event End Date: 24/04/2017 17:00

The first time ever a dedicated print consumables event has been held in Africa!


InterContinental Cairo Citystars, Cairo, Egypt

Expo Start Date: 23/04/2017 Expo End Date: 24/04/2017

RT Imaging Expo – EMEA 2017

【Expo Timetable】

April 23-24, 2017 | 11:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

【Expo Introduction】

The RT Imaging Summit & Expo-EMEA 2017 was held in Spain in 2015 and 2016, and now the expo is moving to Egypt so new visitors can participate. It is the first time ever a dedicated print consumables event has been held in Africa! It’s also an opportunity to help non-EMEA companies to know more about the market, as well as those companies already in the region to gain a greater profile and find new business opportunities in the region. This show will help all exhibitors wanting to gain a profile with government and corporate buyers, as well as those involved in remanufacturing to network, exchange ideas and offer solutions. Also, attendees will acquire information from industry experts on the latest technologies, market trends, channels, legal issues through the summit and expo.




Expo Date:

23/04/2017    |    24/04/2017     

Price of Ticket:   Free
Seminar Start Date: 23/04/2017 Seminar End Date: 24/04/2017

RT Imaging Summit – EMEA 2017

Changes & Challenges…Focus on the EMEA Market

【Summit Timetable】

April 23, 2017 | 9:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Summit Date:

23/04/2017    |    24/04/2017     

Price of Ticket:  $49
    • Ray Stasieczko Imaging Industry Intrapreneur

      How Are Acquisitions HP, Apex and Others Impacting the Printer Market?

    • Mary Ouyang China Consumables Industry Advocate

      China: the Emerging Giant in Print Consumables: Why is China Dominating?—Facts and Trends

    • Ahmed Sultan Big Data Egypt

      EMEA Printer & Copier Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

    • Tricia Judge Lawyer and Industry Advocate

      Legal Updates Impacting the Global Aftermarket

    • Tyler Benster 3D Printing Evangelist

      Opportunities in 3D Printing: then, now and the future?

    • Steve Weedon  Consumables Industry Specialist

      Paper-- Where Will Your Business Be Without It?

Exhibitors (In no particular order) Click here to view Exhibitors
Why Exhibit

Egypt is a gateway destination for Europe, Africa and Middle East. Egypt provides excellent access to the entire EMEA region and is a link bridge between Middle East, Europe and Africa, and the rest of the world. For five thousand years, Egypt has been a must-visit destination for traders, tourists and travellers—it is the perfect location to host a professional business trade show for the printer consumables industry.

Why Visit

【Show products】

· Ribbons, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges;

· Components including inks, toners, chips, opc, magnetic rollers, doctor blades;

· Production and testing equipment;

· Inkjet papers, copier papers, thermal transfer papers & other specialty papers;

· Printer & copier parts, components and services like technology, information, software, IT systems, training, and media related to printer consumables industry.

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking
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Contact Us

⊙ To exhibit & sponsor, please contact:

Victoria Zhao Phone:+86 756 3919263

⊙ To visit, please contact:

Rachel Chen Phone:+86 756-3836790

⊙ Exhibiting or visiting enquiries in Africa, please contact:

Jackie Naude Phone:+27 (0)82-321-6728

⊙ Exhibiting or visiting enquiries in Africa, please contact:

Essam Hashem Phone:+201 201-114-759


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    i want to attend the expo tomorrow but i cant get a ticket so is there a way to get one ?

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