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RT IMAGING SUMMIT & EXPO – Americas 2016

Event Date: 02/06/2016 9:00 Event End Date: 03/06/2016 17:00

THE Gateway Event For ALL The Americas!


Cancun Center, Conventions & Exhibitions, Mexico

Expo Start Date: 02/06/2016 Expo End Date: 03/06/2016


THE Gateway Event For ALL The Americas!


Want to Know How to Remanufacture Cartridges?

Join The Tech•Zone at RT Imaging Expo—Americas 2016!

Date: June 2-3, 2016 13:45-16:45

Venue: Cancun Center, Conventions & Exhibitions, Mexico


– Mr. Filogonio Tavera, Technical Director of UniNet

– YoYo


Expo Ticket:  Free
(On-site Registration: $20 )

Why Americas?

· GREAT GROWTH potential in Americas’ markets;
· The amount of consumers is increasing due to the growing accessibily of printer technology, such as printing from tablets, smart phones and other mobile gadgets;
· Consumers in Latin America prefer aftermarket products with low prices and high quality;
· The global serial inkjet market in Latin America is expected to grow immensely from 2014 to 2016;The print volume of serial inkjet devices in Latin America is also supposed increase.

Great Marketing Opportunity in North America

· North America is the largest print consumable market in the world;
· Less industry players due to merge and acquisitions;
· Marketing demand still strong in North America;
· People are looking for non-infringing products.

Sustainable Growth in Latin America

· The Mexican printing market achieved a growth of 2% in 2014 with an economic recovery in GDP with growth of 3.0%;
· The Brazilian printing market grew moderate in 2014 to 1.5 %;
· The Argentinian printing market grew by 1% and the Colombian printing market grew by 2% in 2014;
· It is estimated that by the end of this decade the Latin American packaging sector will follow the Brazilian model and will represent at least 40% of the print industry;
· 57% of a business study in Latin America (122 label converters companies from 15 countries of the region) said that the profitability of their operation remained stable and 25% reported that profits had increased.

Why Mexico?

Cancun, Mexico is a strategic gateway to North America and Latin America. Mexico, due to its proximity to the USA and its cultural heritage, as well as modern, high technology infrastructure, is where the biggest business in Latin America takes place. With its beaches being among the finest in the world and its tourism and business infrastructure of such high quality,it’s no surprise that Mexico is one of the most travelled to destinations in the world.



Expo Date:

02/06/2016    |    03/06/2016     

Price of Ticket:   Free
Seminar Start Date: 02/06/2016 Seminar End Date: 03/06/2016


Theme:Prospering in the Americas’ consumables market

· Patent & Legal issues affecting the U.S., Canadian and LATAM markets
· Market changes, trends and external pressure impacting business growth in North America & LATAM
· Product distribution and channels in North America & LATAM
· New technologies
· New products and solutions
· Market Opportunities

Summit Date:

02/06/2016    |    03/06/2016     

Price of Ticket:  Free
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