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David’s Weekly Wrap Up

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David Gibbons 18 July, 2018 at 3:15 am

David is a Director at RT Media

So what’s been happening in imaging consumables news this past week? Well, there’s been a bunch of lawsuits for starters. 

Angry Shareholders
Lexmark is facing class action suits. It is claimed, back in 2014 and 2015, Lexmark led investors to believe false information regarding consumer demand, channel inventory, and growth prospects for its high-margin supplies business.Once the truth was realised, Lexmark’s stock price dropped more than 20 percent. Angry shareholders are now arguing Lexmark has violated federal securities laws.

Aftermarket vs Aftermarket
And there have been fiery legal actions taken between two aftermarket companies as well. Back in June, China based Aster Graphics quizzed US based Static Control Components about being accused of infringing certain patents. Static Control allegedly told Aster’s customers in Hong Kong, Europe and America it was taking legal action against Aster. Shocked by the escalation of hostilities, Aster filed a lawsuit against Static Control seeking a declaratory judgment of non-infringement of the alleged Ninestar 742 and 949 patents. In response, Static Control claims Aster ignored their earlier warnings to cease certain infringing activities. So it has now filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California saying, “Aster’s decision to continue infringing our IP left us no other choice but to take legal action.”

Tax Confusion
There has been a lot of confusion about the new goods and services tax that came into place earlier this month in India. The new tax replaces 17 old taxes, but has seen the prices of printers and cartridges, for example, increase 15 percent. In response the Delhi Printers Association organized a seminar to explain the new tax and to ease the confusion.

MPS Leaders
Xerox continues to be the worldwide leader for the MPS market for the eighth year in a row. According to Quocirca, Xerox’s innovations in security and analytics continue to enhance their MPS portfolio. Lexmark was also named an MPS leader for the sixth consecutive year, according to the report.

Scrap That!
China has told the World Trade Organisation that it will stop importing waste by the end of this year. Scrap plastics which could include used printer cartridges are included in the list of 24 solid wastes it will reject in the future.

Fuji Xerox will stop bidding for government business following the report on an accounting scandal that cost the company more than $350 million in New Zealand. NZ First leader Winston Peters (pictured right) says someone in the government should be fired over the incompetent manner in which government agencies have overlooked the matter.

Konica Minolta continues to acquire.
Last week it was a telephony company. This week it is Muratec, a leading supplier of multifunction solutions. I asked imaging industry commentator Ray Stasieczko if he was surprised by this latest acquisition. He spoke to me online https://vimeo.com/228005748. “No I think Rick Taylor (pictured) and Konica are really driven to bring as much deliverable from old technologies as they can. As he goes outside he creates more deliverables in medical, robotics, AI, and in telephony as he did last week. Muratec brings a labelling print capability that Konica doesn’t have. Some of their products will obviously be redundant but I think the distribution channel at Muratec and the sophistication around that label printing is really what he bought.”

New Appointments
Meg Whitman has stepped down from the board of HP but will remain as CEO of HP Enterprise. Whitman served as chair of both HP Inc and HP Enterprise since HP’s split two years ago.The new HP board chair is Chip Bergh who is the CEO of Levi Strauss and been part of HPs board since March.

There has been a spate of other new appointments as well. Reinhardt Jippa (left) will help to expand Color Image’s business in the EMEA region.

Janet Schijns (right) is now senior vice president of services for the Office Depot’s copy, print and technology businesses.

And Scott Acuff (left) is the new president of sales at Image Matters which plans to expand its Managed Print business.


Take Your Pick

And the Summer Pick Awards have been handed out. The hotly contested awards from BLI Keypoint Intelligence go to OEMs for the best printers and enterprise solutions. Canon won 11 awards, 6 for its multifunction printer range. Seven Kyocera printers and one Samsung printer were awarded for outstanding performance. Lexmark also received a Pace Setter award for document imaging security.

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